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Kiran Vukks

Jan. 7th, 2018

03:55 pm - Happiness 2017

Top 10 Happiness moments
1) bike ride at Lagos with Amu and Vaibhav - the sights of the sea
2) amruta setting up iphone 7 with my contacts showing up
4) india win against Australia at Bangalore
3) finding porcupine at khao yai with the family at night safari
7) Coldplay concert with friends
5) my birthday shots with friends at cubano
6) sakash winning football finals against Campion school
7) box jump training video for Vaibhav at sports world
8) Mike segura note and business class to Cairo
9) Ravi being CEO and champagne celebration for that
10) vaibhav galabia dance on Nile cruise

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Mar. 3rd, 2017

04:34 pm - Joy of being a mentee

I have had the joy of being coached without ever feeling that it is a favor done by 2 outstanding leaders. When we are young we get asked "inspirational achievers" that we can look towards - difficult to take that learning anywhere.

I get surprised by my own progress which is a tribute to the environment created around me at work. They left me a tough challenge to continue getting better without them working with me anymore. Someday if i can support a mentee like they did for me would be such a honor.

Going to miss Jason and John, over time will reflect if i got stronger or got stuck without them. I never did thank them enough to make me capable.

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Sep. 13th, 2013

11:02 pm - The three stooges..

There is this weird comedy movie about 3 guys who are stupid beyond funny- silly I would say, the title clings though..

We were silly, very different and zero on creativity. So much for having influential friends- neither of us would be CEO material.. What was it that got us together.

You become what your surroundings are and we choose similarities- as the years go by , the similarities are striking me about my choice of buds:-
A) we are lazy outside but workholics inside
B) we appear game changers and complex but really want a straight simple line for everything
C) we are incomplete without the support of family and friends in a slightly negative way- we regret the flow that this causes to the balance
D) we still have not broken out of our shells- maybe never will
E) might kill ourselves to get ahead- but please someone dont notice what we are doing to ourself, we dont like it

These are unimportant to many but really weird thoughts to live with- did i really choose similar minded people? It hardly seemed that way when we 'accidently' met.

Bhaag milkha had a great scene where the young milkha gets beaten up at the camp and runs upwards on the mountain to avoid his bullies- then come agead with a gang of support to face up with confidence..

I have my confidence in these stooges, they dont have much choice to have the same in me.

This is really a downer of a blog that I wrote in flight.. 

Nov. 8th, 2012

08:44 pm - On the back foot

I write a 1000 emails a day but still feel I have not written in a while. Irony..

The routine is super busy - keeps me away from all of life most times. No hobby, no exercise, nothing else on mind..bright side is I look forward to my vacation like none other.

The year has been so cramped I feel someone stole my 10 months of it. I need to make new year resolutions to slow things down - sabbatical calling. Cannot remember last time I took Amruta out for dinner..

Just thought of some things to do:

Damn - now i am stressed achieving the above.

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Apr. 10th, 2011

06:55 pm - Living ahead or being Left Behind?

We the educated, the privileged – with a mind that has the ability to confirm how right we are always especially over the views of the uneducated lot we know as fellow Indians (Let me call ourselves as Gen 21st). The above is especially true for people like me who have lived abroad and seen the basic quality of life increase.
The blog is driven based of someone called Anna Hazare. Gen 21st has always abused the Indian media for its uncountable follies, but would I have heard about this person any other way. Gen 21st does not approve of the age old methods (Fast’s, morcha’s, etc.) – is this simply because we the privileged have seen the better and elevated ourselves beyond these methods or are they simply wrong?
The in your face aspect of India (believe me there have been so many moments/events over the last year) has left me wondering yet again – Can I really move on thinking Gen 21st is correct? 2/3rd of India’s majority lives a 3 decade’s behind where I think I have reached in terms of the quality of life, beliefs and methods to succeed. Being physically close to the movement makes me take half an interest in this movement (after 4 days that too) – a few 1000 miles more and I would not be thinking a minute about this episode – Why then did 1000’s show up for rallies all over the country without politicians or money being involved? Why then 2/3rd of the majority in India is pointing one way while the 1/3rd Gen 21st – the ‘Country Changers’, the ‘Future’ , the ‘Removers of Corruption’ are skeptical and disinterested?
To build towards something we have to assess the base at which we are. This acceptance towards India is the key for Gen 21st – everyone has the drive to be the change, it is how we contribute towards it along with the people, not by ridiculing the way India works. The ‘Change’ definition hence I am tweaking a bit in my mind after this movement – bring change which is accepted as Change by all of India and not just what I believe to increase my Quality of Life, I want to improve India – not implement USA on top of India.
Heard this recently – “Future generations would find it difficult to believe that a man like Gandhi existed”. The more I think about it, I get shocked about the truth within it. A step back is 2 steps ahead sometimes..

Apr. 5th, 2011

10:07 pm - Let the sparks settle

To write during the world cup would have been one of thousands of lines I had heard by everyone near me. The nation was gripped and for once there was more belief than hope for 2011 to give my generation a reason to pat ourselves on the back for sticking it out so long. So many fans have along the way given up on the team and India as a nation - citing one more area where we will never improve beyond a point to be the best and there were more important things to be passionate about in life.

So many things fell into place from a personal side to ensure I was in the best zone to watch this event - the move to India, the flexible work timings, and of course the lottery ballot in getting the tickets - Simply wonderful.
Its time to dominate the world of cricket now - God I envied the Aussies all these years.

The god of cricket finally has the biggest crown to hold....and I am at peace for the long years invested in this beautiful sport. The joy cannot be explained but my future generations are going to get tired of my words "I WAS THERE".

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Nov. 29th, 2010

08:18 pm - Set for the season

Its the wedding season which means a busy December is coming up - surely would be busy for a couple of more Decembers at least which I have full plans of enjoying. What a relief to not be thinking about vacation leave, flight tickets shopping etc and then suffer the rest of the year due to lack of vacation. Life in India does make the big things easy to manage and the little things difficult.

Thinking over them a bit - what would be the big things for me that have become simpler

No stressing over vacation time
No stress to connect with India - remember all dates and events so that you do not get left out
No stress about how the city, country and people might have changed
No fear that someday I would admit to myself that I have no other option except living in the US after so many years
Fear about being so mechanical in life - so independent , since I make all decisions over there feeling I am always right - no wonder the world thinks the other person is such a fool. It takes somebody to make you bite into the truth sometimes - I know I will have people here who might help.
Would think a 1000 times of having kids and suffer the constant ABCD terror
No stress of missing all functions, festivals and change
Stress that easy money is making me feel all so above people back home - to think that money is actually empowering me
Stress that half my life would be in the Malls

The little things that have got more difficult

No routine
So much dust, pollution, traffic, noise, crowds and everything that makes Mumbai what it is which causes everyone heartburn
Survival of the fittest
USA is very easy money
Shopping is difficult
Work culture is poor
Fear factor for trying to get things done - seems an impossible task

Oct. 14th, 2010

10:37 pm - The power to sing........

Aspects of life that I had never known have been thrown open in front of me in the last 5 years. One of them is singing which I have ridiculed all my life before. Even when I mention singing to my friends that I made before these 5 years they will hack and cut the topic never to be opened again.

A couple of days ago I heard Sonu Nigam (for the second time), Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Asha Bhosle along with some other guys and they were magnificent. Before Houston I had only seen A R Rahman perform live and he was really good too. After Akki , has shown such passion for singing, it really has hit me over the years that the talent is admirable. I still remember the maha boring sessions were every throat that made it to 2086 was asked to scald my ears – that too by request. I began to save my best sarcasm for this particular hobby and bonded like never before with my HAGA group.

I really enjoyed the talent on display the other day and felt that these guys really have the one gift that is invaluable in this world – the ability to give joy to others. We try so hard to develop such a talent all through our life and these guys are naturally gifted with the ability. What a talent, but like I have always thought with any hobby/career – need to be one of the best if it is to be applauded. Go on guys put some effort and make me jealous of you possessing the talent……..

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Feb. 13th, 2010

05:04 pm - On the right track towards making a change.

'If any student wants to make a difference towards world issues (Global Hunger being the major one), I would discourage them to chase the established careers like Finance and Medicine, but understand Inventory Management and Logistics since all of world's major problems when establishing root cause analysis come down to Supply Chain problems.'

Dennis Spriggs - Halliburton

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Jan. 28th, 2010

10:07 pm - Knocked from one ring to the other..

Feels like a boxing match, where I am working myself into the perfect position. Or is it a tight corner and I will face the knockout punch soon? Its the time to wrap things up here finally and taking from here the one thing I am stressed about when I reach home - Quality work that pays.

Its an exciting time ahead into the new year - one of the biggest years of my life. A hectic marriage looms which has to be just right and then comes the battle of settlement. I might be having a boring routine everyday here but still- it is a comfortable routine, wonder if I will get half as much time at home. Lots of travelling to be done this year both around US, and India - I will be like a tour guide there to my counterpart..

A loss of friends would be hard to digest and to maintain enthusiasm for work like I have now would be impossible. All friends talk about charging towards career goal - I'm charging at the moment - can I maintain that at home, I am not sure.

I can feel the air of home sometimes and that's satisfying - I am smiling to myself almost sure this is the right thing to do. I've collected some wonderful experiences and friends here and will be taking back 2 of my most valuable possessions - Amu and Halliburton....

Current Mood: accomplished

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